M5 Industrial have an award winning, specialist Asset Management team with vast experience in all aspects of the Industrial property field.

With a business culture built around integrity, transparency, and results, we have developed an office of specialist industrial negotiators who are provided with the correct tools required to achieve the best results for our clients.

We have a reputation for achieving excellent results while ensuring that our core values of honesty and integrity are ever present in all transactions. 



We are so confident that we will find you the perfect tenant - we will guarantee the lease for the first 12 months.

That means, no Re-letting fees will be charged if the tenant that we supply does not work out during the first 12 months of the tenancy  



Our experienced property management team will work with you to determine your long-term property plans and create a personalised and strategic plan based on your ultimate property goals.

Whether you have an extensive property portfolio or an individual property investment you will receive the highest level of service from our specialised team.



Our approach is based 100% accountability. We accept our responsibility to be honest and ethical conduct towards others within our business dealings.

We keep you informed throughout the property management process, both verbally and in writing, and we welcome you to judge us on our performance. 


Quality Tenants

We pride ourselves on placing quality tenants in our client’s property.

We maintain a stringent tenant selection process which ensures that the tenant you select has provided appropriate references, financials and have provided legal identification documents.



We understand that the time of vacancy versus selecting a quality tenant can sometimes be a difficult decision.

85% of our properties are successfully negotiated within the first 14 days. To ensure transparency, we are happy to provide you with current owner names and numbers so that you can hear what they have to say about us.



We conduct our business with honesty and transparency.

We will keep you informed every step of the way, and we welcome questions and feedback from our clients.

This ensures we are both working towards the same goal, and we meet your expectations. We want to build healthy, long-term relationships with our clients.