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x19 Snapper Caught in 5 hours off Cronulla… GREAT DAY !

Deep Sea Fishing Charter Video

Windy, a little wet and one (1) day before the start of Winter…… the perfect SNAPPER conditions.

We set off from Cronulla Marina at 6.00am at 20knots heading for our favourite deep snapper spot off Stanwell Park which is approx. 12miles from Cronulla’s Gunnamatta Bay..

After 15mins of watching Humpback whales and Dolphins, we turned our attention on a very hungry flock of  Australian Gannet birds that were hitting the water eating bait fish from unbelievable heights. With the total trip only taking 30mins, we where there before we know it !

With a solid SSW wind and a 1.5 – 2.0knots of current, we placed (1) pound leads on our 15kg lines and did a quick test drop. Although the drop was a success as we could hold bottom, our initial catch was nothing sort of disgraceful…..  x3 PIKE ….. wow !!!!

After working out our drift we drove up around 1 mile on the reef and then began to fish. The sounder showed fish at 56 fathoms (100m) which was a great sign as we where specifically targeting Deep Snapper on this trip. For the first hour we where catching nice fish although it wasn’t the Snapper we were looking for. We caught Morwong, Nannygai, Pigfish, Leather Jackets and even a big Cuttlefish.

We decided to move onto another reef that produced great Snapper last year which was close. Within 10mins of fishing, we knew we had found the Snapper !!!!! With a total 0f 19 Snapper between 37cm and 49cm we officially declared the day a success.


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