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Sydney Premium Charters – Deep Sea Fishing

Sports Fishing Sydney Premium Charters

Sledging was he WINNER of the day… it was BRILLIANT !!!

WOW…. this was one of the best days fishing I have witnessed….. not for the fishing, but for the absolute A-GRADE, PREMIUM, BRILLIANT sledging that occurred from 5.30am till 12.30pm.


The boys landed with big hopes and expectation of some PB Kingfish.

Throughout the morning it was a slow and then things heated up….

Fish are hard to predict although the boys had a great day and plenty of memories….



Sports Fishing Sydney Premium Charters


Sydney Kingfish - Sydney Premium Charters

sports-fishing-for-kingfish-55sports-fishing-for-kingfish-66sports-fishing-for-kingfish-71Sydney Kingfish – Sydney Premium Charters

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